the Cancer Cells

Cancer Cell

There is actually no need to explore the skies to confirm that aliens exist. The diverse characteristics of terrestrial inhabitants are enough proof that we are not alone in the universe. And the predatory nature of most creatures suggests that this planet in this eon is already dominated by evil space invaders.

This planet used to be unadulterated before the intrusions. Due to accelerated alien reproduction, the earth’s system is gradually altered. All violent phenomena are natural reactions of a sick planet like an ill organism that anxiously wants to repel the contaminants in its system.

The climates actually help us understand nature and let us recognize those living things that are adaptable to them. Those who can withstand natural calamities are natives; those who cannot are intruders. The undesirable effect of natural calamities hints that the distressed species deserved to be wiped away.

In July 1931 for instance, the mighty flood killed an estimate of four million people. The Yellow River flood in September 1887 killed around two million people. The Shaanxi earthquake in January 1556 killed over eight hundred thousand people. All these greatest disasters consistently occurred in the most densely inhabited places in China. Does this mean that the Chinese are aliens considering their apparent infiltration in all parts of the world with their peculiar exterior, vis a vis their slant eyes and yellow skin?

Yes! The CHINESE are the BAD ALIENS. But they are just one of them.

The Earth does not strive to wipe away from its surface only the Chinese. The influenza pandemic which erupted in 1918 infected 500 million people across the world and killed 50 to 100 million of them. The virus that infected half a billion people was actually the Earth’s immune system at work while trying to combat the very bacteria that weakens the Earth itself.

Considering all the efforts this planet exerts to annihilate human beings, it is apparent that human beings are the unwanted outsiders.

In anthropology, we hypothesize that our greatest, greatest ancestors were apes. While trying to reconcile Religion and Science with all the phenomena, I now agree that the Story of Adam is not a myth. Indeed we all descended from the First Man, and we came from somewhere up the heavens.

How we were seeded on this planet is a mystery. Where in space did we come from? That, no one have any idea yet; but it is certain that humans did not sprout from underneath the Earth. The scriptures actually tell us our beginning. Consider the story of Hajaral Aswad in Ka’Ba in Mecca which was said to be the stone held by Adam when he fell from heaven. Now it is believed that this stone is a remnant of a prehistoric meteorite and in my understanding this relic was a piece of the vessel that transported the first aliens to this planet.

But the mythical fall is inconclusive that first man arrived here in his human form. It can be theorized that what was transported was merely the complete blueprint of the Homo sapiens including that of the other species. The blueprint was transported via electromagnetic signal permeating all throughout the Earth when the rock hit the surface. In the blueprint, it was specified how humans shall come into material beings; their behaviours and attributes were outlined therein. The waves had been programmed similar to a file in a medium so as to systematically bring about everything including the phases by which the program is to be executed. After eons, the creation, as programmed, has been completed; today, the alien seed has exploded into innumerable creatures and have occupied this planet without them being aware of the invasions they did.

Typical of invaders, human beings are not so concerned with the space they invade. What they are concerned about is to make “mama” proud. To achieve this purpose, humans have been designed, as included in the blueprint, to find ways to communicate the successful invasion to the Mother Planet. “Mother Planet” means the cosmic body where humans actually originated. People call this planet “Mother Earth;” but with the exploitation humans do to achieve their prime objective, they never really care about the Earth the way children do to their mothers.

And this lack of compassion is vice versa.

If the Earth is a Mother isn’t she supposed to protect her children from harm and diseases? People die when earthquakes hit. They are very anxious when a storm is coming. Ants prick them. Sharks eat them. Crocodiles feast on them. They get flu. Some suffer from cholera. Others die of dengue fever. And the Earth doesn’t care.

Since human beings are not from here, they are not comfortable with all this planet naturally provides. They get cold in the winter as they don’t have furs or barks upon birth and they have to kill bulls and bears and tigers to make coats and jackets. They don’t have shells thus the need to blast boulders into gravels to erect mansions and skyscrapers. They don’t have wings so they have to sander the mountains for roads and railways and drill the crust for oil to fuel cars and jets. They don’t have digestive system with that of a crow so they need to slaughter cow, sheep, goat, chicken and turkey. There are ripe bananas, pineapples, sweet mangoes, watermelon, papaya and strawberries; but the tongue still needs fruit salad, shakes and jelly.

Here on Earth, people worry about everything: shelter, clothing, transportation, work, bills, and debts; they worry about bad breath, finding restroom when a stomach aches, going to school to learn arithmetic and language. And because of discomfort and discontentment, people alter the surroundings to find the very pleasure that the Earth fails to naturally offer.

And that is the reason why this Earth hates humans in return.

Aliens are similar to a foreign bacterium that alters the host’s natural system. Since the great meteorite hit it, the Earth has been sick. And the bad tissues have already metastasized in its entire surface. Think of a person having cancer and think that Earth too is suffering from the incurable disease. The bad thing is, for the latter, we, humans are the cancer cells. Human beings move like bad bacteria in a body: they block blood streams; they amass pusses; they feed on the nutrients; and they replicate themselves. The tumour is now malignant. It is not surprising when the Earth’s immune system every so often releases dire energy to exterminate cancer cells in masses: it is a natural mechanism when a body tries to heal itself.

Environmentalists feel pity for the Earth, but there is nothing we can do to stop it from dying; besides we are the cancer cells that infect its system. Unless we annihilate ourselves, the bad aliens continue to exist.


Pump thy core; here, more verses, more rhymes; Secrete thy blood; oh there, thy virginity hath gone!
Pursue my heart and exhaust thyself; don’t worry dear pen, thou shall soon be refilled.



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